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William a posted Jun 28, 16


Greetings Eunexia members, 

I am here to talk about our goals as a server. In the past three or so days since the server's release, many former players from JavaLegacy consistently questioned us about when we are going to add more game modes for Eunexia. Let me answer this with a maybe. Our goal is dependent on our player base and funds at the moment. If we develop into a successful server with a good player base and consistent funds, then the chances are high that we will move towards implementing more game modes that the community would love to play in. 

How can I help the server grow? 

At the moment, the server is premature and needs more players. Voting for the server would bring us closer to the top of the server list, which would make our server more visible to the people visiting that site. This would obviously result in more players joining our server! You may vote every 24 hours per site and will receive access to WorldEdit for 2 hours for voting. Purchasing ranks or perks from the server would help to fund the server for advertisement and development. 


Click me to vote!

Click me to purchase a rank!

_Verze Great To Here. JavaLegacy Members You Probably Know Me As Ryanraj999
Navid_Z Good Luck Developing!


William a posted Jul 6, 16


The MVP rank has been implemented into Eunexia! The rank is loaded with fun perks and now purchasable at the shop!
Fix: The elytra has been configured and fixed thanks to the help of one of the Eunexia members! Everyone give thanks to acx!