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Introduction and Updates!

cade21799 a posted Jul 13, 16

Fluffycon Penis microphone
Navid_Z Thanks for the update! Good Luck In further projects


My name is Cade Adamus, many of you might remember me as "cade21799" from a previous server. I am the server Admin and I am here to bring you a brief description of who I am, (for those of you who do not know me!) so you can get to know who I am and my ambition and vision for this server. As you know, the server is under constant construction/renovation. Spawns you see now may not be there they next time you get on. You do NOT have to worry about your items or worlds being removed or changed as the spawns change. The server is also being updated with new an exciting plugins to make the server a always new and ever exciting and expanding universe to play on. As the server and community grows, there will be MAJOR as well as MINOR updates brought ot the update. These updates range from spawn updates, new words, plugins and even as massive as new game modes and servers brought to you by us! I just wanted to say, thank you to those who have stayed on the server with all the bugs and confusion, and thank you to those who will continue to grow with us! Our vision as the Eunexia Staff is to always be transparent to out players and every amazing community and ALWAYS bring updates to you guys! I wanted to say thank you and WELCOME to Eunexia!

Thank you,

Cade Adamus

acx Heyyyy its the real og comin back. Btw i remember ur kewl trailer Good...
GoldenRecord You sound cute. Ill be looking for you. ecks dee winky face


William a posted Jul 6, 16


The MVP rank has been implemented into Eunexia! The rank is loaded with fun perks and now purchasable at the shop!
Fix: The elytra has been configured and fixed thanks to the help of one of the Eunexia members! Everyone give thanks to acx!